Manager: Are we properly allocating and optimizing resources for each execution lever?

At the 100-foot level, it is the job of directors and senior managers to link the execution levers at the 1,000-foot level to specific activities performed by frontline employees. Collaborative for CUBES™ provides guidance in this regard by ensuring frontline employees understand the prioritization of the strategic areas and execution levers and keeping their efforts and resources focused on activities that directly support them.


For example, imagine a company determines it can improve its strategic priority of “communications” by ensuring calls are answered within 24 hours. The execution lever could be related to the ground-level reality of customer-service representatives through activities such as training (to answer calls), accountability, and incentives (for answering calls). Through Collaborative for CUBES, the managers would be able to track specific metrics for each customer-service representative to ensure the execution lever at the 1,000-foot level is being implemented at the 100-foot level. Reciprocally, frontline employees at the 100-foot level could see how their attempt to answer calls within 24 hours contributed to the execution levers at the 1,000-foot level and strategic priorities at the 10,000-foot level. Such alignment eliminates waste and conflict within an organization.


Frontline employees and managers represent the ground reality at the 100-foot level. These employees are typically in direct contact with customers and accountable for using resources to conduct activities that affect customer-related outcomes. If these resources and activities are misaligned with the 10,000-foot execution levers, the firm may not see the desired results. Collaborative for CUBES provides specific approaches to operationalize and manage business activities in the most efficient and effective way, ensuring the ground reality is fully aligned with the overall strategic outcomes sought by the CEO.


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What Would Happen if Houston-based Companies got Yahoo-ed?

President Barack Obama recently stated the challenge: "We are a digitalized culture, and there is hacking going on every single day. There's not a company … where somebody is not going to be phishing for something or trying to penetrate, or put in a virus or malware."


Over the last decade, high-profile information-security breaches, such as those at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, and Neiman Marcus have caused widespread customer dissatisfaction.