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Busting the Value Trap

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What Would Happen if Houston-based Companies got Yahoo-ed?

President Barack Obama recently stated the challenge: "We are a digitalized culture, and there is hacking going on every single day. There's not a company … where somebody is not going to be phishing for something or trying to penetrate, or put in a virus or malware."


Over the last decade, high-profile information-security breaches, such as those at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, and Neiman Marcus have caused widespread customer dissatisfaction. 

Customer Satisfaction: A Strategic Review and Guidelines for Managers

Superior customer satisfaction provides a clear strategic advantage and an inimitable resource for a firm—particularly in today’s complex and often uncertain markets. Two decades of academic research has quantified the impact of customer satisfaction on a number of beneficial customer behaviors and consequent financial performance. It is clear that firms that manage their customers as well as costs realize greater financial returns compared to firms who ignore customer satisfaction.

Data Suggests Customer Satisfaction the Only Road Back for Staples

Even as Staples announced the closure of 70 stores on March 9 – those on the heels of 48 store closures in 2016 and 242 in previous years – CEO Shira Goodman said she had reason for optimism.


“I am particularly proud of our ability to grow our delivery business by continuing to enhance our offering and satisfy our business customers,” she said in a meeting with investors.